Granite Worktops in Kent

We create Granite Worktops in Kent. Granite is a natural choice for making a statement in your home with every slab being unique to the next.

Beautiful Granite Worktops in Kent

If your opting for the luxury of natural granite worktops in Kent, New Stone Designs can offer you exceptional service and competitive prices bringing your dream kitchen to reality.

Our bespoke granite worktops in Kent are made to fit your project, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom or any other space you need this beautiful material.

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Durability of Granite

Granite is a surprisingly durable stone—a must-have quality for any high-traffic kitchen. The material is heat-resistant or briefly setting a hot pan down won’t destroy the surface. Similarly, as an extremely hard material, granite won’t easily scratch. In fact, careless cooks who use their knives directly on the countertop will find themselves in quick need of a sharpener. Granite is dense, and proper maintenance will further reduce the possibility of discolouration and stains.

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Granite Worktop Maintenance

Granite is a very dense material so stains aren’t likely but as a natural stone there may be areas in a slab that are more porous, where stains could take hold. Homeowners can avoid this with proper maintenance. Luckily, this is a matter of a 10 or 15 minute sealing job once a per year, every natural job we manufacture will be pre sealed before it leaves the workshop.

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Applications of Granite Worktops in Kent

Granite can be used indoors and out without worry of damage from the sun or other elements. It won’t fade, crack, or bubble, so you can enjoy the same benefits in your patio kitchen as in your indoor one it’s also a perfect solution for bbq areas.

Unique qualities

Granite is a natural stone which means it is quarried out of the ground in giant blocks that are cut and polished. That’s the entirety of the process which means each and every surface is totally unique, naturally.

Our simple five step process

  1. Send your plan, dimensions or book a home visit
  2. Chose a material and we will build your quote
  3. We will then template your kitchen or chosen area going over all details with precision.
  4. Your chosen slabs are then manufactured to the bespoke kitchen template
  5. Our expert fitting team will install your finished product
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Types of granite for worktops

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Emerald pearl

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Cosmic black

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Viscount white

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Angola black

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Blues in the night


Black marinace




Alaska white

What our customers say

“Absolutely over the moon with our new worktops. They take our kitchen to the next level. So glad Lewis was recommended to us. The service from start to finish was quick and easy. He was very professional and a pleasure to have in our home.”

Sarah Garside